Japanese knife kamagata usuba for left handed SUISIN - Shirogami - Size:21cm
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Japanese knife kamagata usuba for left handed SUISIN - Shirogami - Size:1821cm

"Suisin” is a Japanese kitchen knife brand in Sakai City, Osaka, whose philosophy is to make kitchen knives in a sincere and one-on-one manner with the user.

Dealing with a lot of knives, they know each knife they make will be special for its user, so its craftsmen never compromise. 

The most distinctive feature of Suisin's knives is their overwhelming easiness of sharpening and use, with the user first priority policy. These factors are not only based on scientific theories and test data, but are also the result of the delicate work of highly skilled craftsmen.

Its excellent sharpness and after-sales service are extremely high level.

53.295 ¥ (inkl. MwSt.) 53.295 ¥ (o. MwSt.)
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The Suisin knives are known by the high quality not only in Japan but abroad.

This knife belongs to the Suisin bestseller serie for Japanese Culinary Professionals. It is made from Hitachi White Steel No.2, with almost no impurities, which contributes for an excellent cut.

Knife 21cm
Blade lenght: 210mm
Overal lenght: 350mm
Height at blade base: 51mm
Blade thickness: 4,4mm
Weight: 255g
  • Blade material:Carbon white steel (shirogami no.2)
  • handle material: Wood and bufallo horn
  • Single bevel for left handed
  • Série: shirogami
  • Brand: Suisin
  • Made in Sakai ,Japan
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