Japanese Mentori Knife - Mini Usuba - MIURA - Shirogami 2 Serie - Sizes: 10,5 / 12 / 13,5cm
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Japanese Mentori Knife - Mini Usuba - MIURA - Shirogami Serie - Sizes: 10,5 / 12 / 13,5cm

Miura Knives Series offer a wide range of knives, from entry-level models that are easy to use for beginners to high-quality models used by professionals in their work, and products made by world top class craftsmen to provide the best knives for various needs.

Please choose the best knife for your needs and preferences. The series includes knives from famous cutlery producing regions in Japan and the advanced series such as "Itadaki," "Obidama," and "Kuchinashi.

7.980 ¥ (inkl. MwSt.) 7.980 ¥ (o. MwSt.)
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Knife 10,5cm 12cm 13,5cm
Overall Length 220mm (8") 230mm (9") 250mm (9.8")
Blade Length 105mm (4") 120mm (4.7") 135mm (5")
Blade Height at Base 35mm 35mm 37mm
Blade Thickness 3mm 3,3mm 3,7mm
Weight 80g 91g 115g
  • Steel Type: Carbon White Steel (Shirogami) 
  • Handle Type: Magnolia wood and bolster material made from buffalo horn
  • Blade Type: Single Edged Blade for right-handed
  • Serie: Shirogami 2
  • Brand: Miura
  • Made in Japan
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