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Japanese Santoku Knife - ZANMAI - Classic Pro Damascus Zebra Serie - Size: 18cm

Located in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, a world-famous cutlery production area, Marusho Industry's products are made using a variety of high-performance machine tools and hand-finished by skilled craftsmen.

The products are offered to the world as "first-class products selected by sensitivity" and are highly evaluated.

The brands owned by the company include "Silky" for easy-to-use and functional scissors, "Mcusta" for high-quality pocket knives with Japanese technology and Japanese design, and "Zanmai" for authentic kitchen knives.

These knives are produced using the culture, craftsmanship of Seki's swordsmiths and advanced technology to make its unique taste products and the quest for superior cutting performance.

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This knife is made from vg 10 core damascus steel, and its handle has the flat bottom, being able to be used as a garlic kneader, and also as a holder to keep the knife standing.


Knife 18cm
Blade Length 180mm (7.08")
Overall Length 320mm (12.59")
Blade Height at Base 45mm
Blade Thickness 1,9mm
Weight 155g

  • Steel Type: Stainless 33 layered damascus VG-10
  • Blade Type: Double Edged Blade
  • Handle Type: Micarta Resin
  • Serie: Classic Pro Damascus Zebra
  • Brand: Zanmai
  • Maker: Marusho
  • Made in Japan

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