Set for Shinkeijime / Ikejime - YOSHIMI - Length: 60cm
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Set for Shinkeijime / Ikejime - YOSHIMI - Length: 60cm

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The Shinkeijime / Ikejime is a Japanese technique of chopping fish, keeping them fresh and of better quality for longer. It is a very common technique in Japanese cuisine, due to the large consumption of raw fish, as in the case of the sashimi and sushi preparation.

The technique consists of inserting a pointed metal object into the fish's head, usually a little behind and above the eyes, causing the immediate death.
A wire is then introduced into the spinal cord in order to cease the involuntary movements.
Finally, the fish bleeding is caused through cutting the gills.

When storing the fish in a thermal box, it is recommended to put some ice on the bottom, and newspaper between the ice and fish, avoiding the excessive freezing.

This set contains a spike (object to pierce the fish) and a very flexible wire cable with the rounded tip, which facilitates sliding through the spinal cord.


  • Length: 60cm
  • For fish up to 70cm
  • Brand: Yoshimi
  • Made in Japan

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