Japanese knife atamatori MASAHIRO Bessaku serie Size:21cm
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Japanese knife atamatori MASAHIRO Bessaku serie Size:21cm

Masahiro is a manufacturer located in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, one of the most famous cutlery towns in Japan.

The knives they make are simple and practical focusing on sharpness.

They specialize in making specific knives for professionals to use for their work.

12.540 ¥ (inkl. MwSt.) 12.540 ¥ (o. MwSt.)
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Masahiro boning knives are the best-selling in Japan, when is about corporate customers. They have about 70% of the market share.

The blade is made of high carbon semi-stainless steel: a special steel developed by Masahiro. This blade is easy to sharpen and, comparing to the most of steels, has a longer durability.


Knife 21cm
Overall Length 320mm
Blade Length 210mm
Blade Thickness 2,7mm
Blade Height at Base 30mm
Weight 188g
  • Steel Type: High Carbon Semi-Stainless Steel
  • Handle Type: Wood
  • Serie: Masahiro Bessaku MF-C 
  • Brand: Masahiro
  • Made in Japan
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